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July 19, 2010 / Liza

From Lexington to Concord…

Revolutionary War style… except on a bike 🙂

Gloriously hottt day today and all I wanted to do was be active and outside!

Sooooo, my parents and I biked to Concord, had lunch, and biked back. It was such a nice day– so good to be enjoying the sun and the outdoors.

Concord is a very colonial looking town with so many historical houses. I always forget to pay attention to the fact that while I love traveling to far away places, there are so many cool, interesting, beautiful things to do and see in lovely Massachusetts! Gotta get into Boston more– I definitely have some plans for that this summer 🙂

I took some pictures of Concord Center …and my faves– flowers — along our ride. Hope you like!

And where we ate lunch…

Had to stop for a pic of these purple beauties!

A blurry shot too… purple fuzz 🙂

and a gazebo in the distance…

Paul Revere!

I hope you had a great Sunday too!



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