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August 29, 2010 / Liza

Farm Food

Good evening, lovely people!

My day today was packed– was yours too?

It included a beautiful early morning ~4.8 miler (love that quiet morning), a delicious bowl of oatbran, skyping with one of my brothers who is far away across the world, and lounging by our friends’ pool all afternoon!

It was a lovely day.

But that is not all, my friends. On our way home from our friends’ house, we stopped at a local farm and bought tons of fresh veggies and corn and blueberries and when we got home, we made a wonderful dinner filled with local produce! I love eating local!

Dinner was…


After dinner, my parents and I got to work.

I’m going back to college on Thursday, and I’m going to be living off campus so I had to buy some new furniture such as a desk and chair. We decided to set those up at home because on the day when I move in, we won’t have time to assemble furniture.

So we started with a desk mess…

And got a desk success!!!!

We also assembled my desk chair but I didn’t take any before pictures… but the two of them together look quite nice! 🙂

PS sorry for the bad pics– haven’t mastered the indoor nighttime pics, yet. Any tips?

A full day for sure! But a good one.

The next couple of days will be filled with lots of fun things and also lots of packing and getting stuff together.

I’ll be back!

Goodnight, ya’ll! Have a WONDERFUL start to your week!


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