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May 25, 2011 / Liza

Long Time, No Post!

WOW! Okay, so I have no idea if anybody is still reading my blog– I’ve been away from it for the entire school year — but hello if you’re out there! 🙂

Though I haven’t been posting, I still feel a part of the healthy living blog world as I still read many blogs. As my summer plans have continuously been up in the air, I have considered starting blogging again. But I was unsure. A couple days ago, I got a wonderful comment from a reader whose blog I love who wrote about finding time for blogging, “I just tell myself, ‘a time and place for everything’ .. and I just blog when I can.” I took that as a sign that maybe gearing up my blog again would be a good idea. So thank you for your comment! So so much! 🙂 As per this beautiful comment, I plan on blogging when I can and not necessarily on a regular schedule– I think the more relaxed schedule will be great for me!

But I’ve also been thinking about how I want my blog to be content-wise and I think I want to do less of the day to day eats and make my blog about healthy living more broadly. I’m not exactly sure where this will take my blog, but I’m looking forward to branching out and filling my posts with a variety of topics. I’m excited to explore and experiment!

For now, here’s a photo of the bleeding hearts in my backyard.

Have a beautiful day! 🙂


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