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June 29, 2011 / Liza

The Journey

Lunch today was delicious, refreshing, and just what I wanted. The dressing on this salad I learned from one of my best friends: you mix hummus (preferably lemon flavored, yum) with some balsamic vinegar and then add water to your desired consistency. It’s. so. good.

salad with spinach, tomatoes, carrot, feta, and hummus-balsamic dressing

half an apple with almond butter... what would i do without almond butter? šŸ™‚

Turns out the midday lighting by my window is all right, yeah?

So I started reading my textbooks for the Positive Psychology course I’m starting next Tuesday and honestly, I love doing the reading. It’s hardly “work,” its actually pretty pleasurable reading. I’m hoping that the things I learn in these books and in this class will become ingrained in me because I think there is a lot of truth in this stuff.

I RARELY find quotes in books that just hit home to point that I fold down the corner so I’ll remember where it is. That happened this morning and I wanted to share this quote with you. It is from the The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt:

“…once you apply the metaphor “life is a journey,” the metaphor guides you to some conclusions: You should learn the terrain, pick a direction, find some good traveling companions, and enjoy the trip, because there may be nothing at the end of the road.”

I have a wall hanging in my room that says: “Happiness is in the journey, not at the end of the road.” I have always tried to keep this in my head with everything that I do. I have also noticed the truth in it through my feelings after big events: I always get the “post ______ blues” and realize that while the event (dance show, race, etc.) itself was spectacular, so much of the fun was in the time getting ready for it.

The quote from Haidt isn’t really profound, I just really love the metaphors because they highlight in a very pure way that in order to live in the moment and to live life to its fullest, it’s important to just “enjoy the trip” with “good companions.” How simple and wonderful is that? Honestly, the last bit: “because there may be nothing at the end of the road” almost made me flinch — it’s a little depressing to think there’s nothing there! But it actually kind of gives me a sense of calm that life is about the experiences throughout. Every experience is valuable because there is no rush to “get” anywhere– we just get to live life.

What metaphor has taught you something about life?

Have a beautiful day!


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